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Clyde Space Limited

Clyde Space is an award winning supplier of small and micro spacecraft systems. They develop high performance power subsystems, DC-DC Converters, lithium polymer batteries and high efficiency solar panels, typically for small satellite missions.

As well as building Attitude Control and Determination Systems, Clyde Space are a world-leading CubeSat vendor and pioneered the CubeSat Shop offering off-the-shelf components and subsystems from a range of manufacturers.

In conjunction with leading academic and commercial organisations across the world they have developed an advanced nanosatellite platform which is putting Scotland's first satellite into space.

The Clyde Space team have a combined experience in over 50 space programmes. They support space missions at all levels from conceptual design, development and integration to analysis of data from on-orbit operations.

Clients include international universities, commercial companies and government organisations. About 80% of Clyde Space sales are outside the European Union and over 95% outside the UK.

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The Helix Building, Kelvin Campus, West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow G20 0SP



We found the Coralinn approach very refreshing. To find someone who was genuinely interested in our business and work with us to put a real growth strategy in place was a revelation.They helped in all aspects of the deal; working with support partners who really understood allowed us to complete a complicated transaction. Coralinn is a great partner to work with, they provide huge support both strategically and financially.

Craig Clark,
Clyde Space