Investment Approach

The Coralinn Investment Approach

Coralinn invests in young, emerging, unlisted companies where there is potential for significant growth.

Our investment approach is value orientated, we aim to invest in potential and create value. We seek to invest in businesses with high growth potential and with international sales potential. Coralinn’s focus is on Scottish SMEs, this does not exclude investing elsewhere, but our main aim is to encourage and develop Scottish businesses both at home and in international markets.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe people are at the heart of everything Coralinn does and we will help companies develop and support their best staff.
  • We understand the importance of patience in pursuing opportunities and building value. With a commitment to growing strong businesses over time we promote improvement initiatives to help continue to drive progress.
  • We always provide a relaxed exit strategy with the flexibility to retain investments for an extended number of years.
  • We value social responsibility to the community and expect companies we invest in to hold the same principles and provide a safe and ethical environment for their staff.
  • We value integrity and always maintain open and honest relationships, transparency in decisions and commitment to promises.
  • We encourage an active two-way relationship with a constant flow of communication and collaboration of ideas. Our portfolio companies testify to the quality of their relationships with us.

Our Commitment

  • Improve daily operation.
  • Launch long-term growth and improvement initiatives.
  • Deliver speed, experience, flexibility, partnership and above all else support.
  • Make every investment deal based on merit.

What We Look For

  • Small Management Buy-Outs.
  • Buy-in Management Buy-Outs.
  • Companies with flexible operating models.
  • Start-ups.
  • Outright company purchases.

Looking for Investment?

Do you have business plan you think we may be interested in? If so, get in touch. It costs nothing to talk, and your details will be treated with the strictest confidence. us

We found the Coralinn approach very refreshing. To find someone who was genuinely interested in our business and work with us to put a real growth strategy in place was a revelation.

They helped in all aspects of the deal; working with support partners who really understood allowed us to complete a complicated transaction. Coralinn is a great partner to work with and they provide huge support both strategically and financially.

- Craig Clark, CEO, Clyde Space