Coralinn COVID-19 Business Protocol

Date Published: 18/03/2020

Coralinn LLP is committed to appropriately adopting health protection guidance relative to COVID-19.

Our priority is always the health, safety and protecting the wellbeing of our employees, visitors and business from the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019). 

This protocol outlines the company’s approach to managing the threat to the business through COVID-19 and the procedures to support the mitigation of risk. 

As part of these efforts we require all non-employees visiting our premises to complete this Medical and Travel Self-Assessment.

Access to our facility is conditional upon your honest and candid responses to the questions in the Travel Assessment.  Your responses will be assessed to determine whether you are granted entry to the facility.

Travel Assessment forms will be issued electronically to any essential visitors and will require to be returned for review prior to attending our facility.

By adopting health protection guidance and supporting each other through this public health emergency we will all play an important role in stopping the spread of this virus.

We will continue review and implement the appropriate measures to be taken during this situation, and to ensure that we take all actions necessary to ensure that we maintain health, safety and business resilience so that we can do our best to ensure there is no interruption to the services we provide to our customers.


We will look to implement a series of business continuity plans to ensure continued operation under challenging circumstances. Our team are assisting all businesses in implementing continuity plans while reviewing it and updating it in response to any new factors.


Our team remains in regular contact will all businesses and is taking both proactive and reactive steps to manage our response to the situation and to mitigate its impacts not only for our business, but also for our employees and customers.  

As we continue to monitor the latest updates and information, we are taking additional measures to ensure that we safeguard the health of our employees and that we preserve our ability to operate effectively.  


We are adhering strictly to national guidelines regarding exposure, quarantine and reporting, and we will continue in communication with employees to ensure that they are informed and supported.

Your understanding and cooperation in managing the risk associated with COVID-19 is appreciated.

For further guidance please contact the Facility Manager or email

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Coralinn LLP is committed to appropriately adopting health protection guidance relative to COVID-19.
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